Are you thinking of moving to Canada?

Pursuit is the best way for talented people to start new lives in 🇨🇦. Get your PR - and guidance on finding a job - without ever talking to a lawyer.

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The simplest path to Canadian PR

Check if you qualify for the Canadian Permanent Residency for free. If you qualify, you can begin filling out your application for the PR today. Take as little or as much time you need to complete your application - Pursuit never expires and lets you finish at your own pace.

No Lawyers or Consultants

Pursuit is built by entrepreneurs who got sick of seeing aspiring immigrants pay Consultants expensive fees in order to apply for the Canadian PR. With just a few hours of work, we'll help you file by yourself!

A new life

Consistently rated one of the best countries in the world to live in, there’s no shortage of reasons to move to Canada - Free healthcare and public education, a booming tech industry, cultural diversity... and the list goes on.


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