The simplest way to start your new life in Canada

Pursuit helps talented software developers get permanent residence, find great jobs and build a new life in Canada.

Do You Qualify?

The simplest path to Canadian PR

Apply for free. If accepted, you'll recieve access to Canadian immigration lawyers who will help you apply for the right to move to Canada. The catch: we only work with the best. Only 4% of those who apply are admitted.

Top employers, great jobs

Canada needs 218,000 tech workers by 2020. Once your PR is on the way, we get you interviews with top employers in Canada. Most people who work with us find a job before moving and we offer a money back guarantee.

A new life

Consistently rated one of the best countries in the world to live in, there’s no shortage of reasons to move to Canada - Free healthcare and public education, a booming tech industry, cultural diversity... and the list goes on.


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