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Prince Edward Island Nominee Program

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  • Overview
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  • How Long it Takes
  • How It Works
    • PEI Express Entry
    • Skilled Worker Stream
    • Critical Worker Stream
    • International Graduate Stream


Prince Edward PNP targets three streams of skilled workers which include those applying through Express Entry, the business category, and the labor category. Being the smallest of Canada provinces and highly agricultural based, Prince Edward PNP has requirements which may be slightly different from the other provincial nominee programs.

Candidates score points for aspects such as skills, experience, and their ability to adapt to life in Prince Edward Island- similar to other programs. However, unskilled workers or semi-skilled workers are also eligible because farming and agriculture is one of the biggest industries in this area.

Successful candidates receive a provincial nominee certificate and are then eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The highest scoring applicants are sent an invitation to apply for permanent residence and they are off to live a new life in Canada as soon as their documents are submitted and processed!

Who Can Apply

  • Candidates who apply through Express Entry and are selected
  • Skilled workers who have a valid job offer in PEI
  • Semi-skilled or unskilled workers who have a job offer in PEI
  • Candidates who wish to own or invest in a business in PEI

How Long it Takes

Approximately 4 to 6 months to receive selection certificate and 6 to 8 months to process Permanent Residency application.

How It Works

Since Prince Edward Island is one of the smallest Canada provinces, the Prince Edward PNP is only open to those people who fit the market's current labor requirements: skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers.

There are three streams that skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled (labor class) workers can apply through respectively: PEI Express Entry, PEI Skilled Worker, PEI Critical Worker.

PEI Express Entry

Candidates who have an Express Entry profile can get selected by Prince Edward PNP and receive an Invitation of Interest based on the labor market requirements. If interested in choosing this province to settle and work in, the candidate must respond to the invitation of interest and submit all required documents. Once approved, the candidate will receive a selection certificate and can then apply for Prince Edward Island PR.

This is one of the fastest routes to live and settle in Canada.

Skilled Worker Stream

This avenue is for workers who have a valid job offer from an employer in Prince Edward Island. Candidates will have a post-secondary degree (Canada equivalent) or higher as only those who are employed in skilled professions can apply through this category.

Critical Worker Stream

Semi-skilled or unskilled workers who have a valid job offer from an employer in Prince Edward Island can apply through this stream. They need to have minimal education, some valid work experience, and also minimal language fluency- to the extent of getting them through the job.

International Graduate Stream

Recent graduates from PEI universities and colleges may apply for this Canada Provincial Nominee Program if they have a valid offer from a PEI employer.

All of these streams require candidates to be between the ages of 21-59, have adequate English/French language skills, and have sufficient funds to initially settle in Canada. Other requirements related to work experience and education differ with each stream.